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Coming soon: a new recipe for turning engagement into productivity.

Based on years of frontline work with companies of all sizes (including the world's biggest company), we've  written a book about driving performance with a fresh take on business purpose.


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Coming in November, along with our tie-in TEDx.

Why Is a Verb Cover

How Can WHY Work Better?

In pursuit of productivity and happiness, we’ve spent half a century trying to convince ourselves that our work matters—from crafting business missions to bingeing inspirational talks.


Yet only one in six of us feels purposeful at work, productivity growth remains in free fall, and the advent of generative AI is raising the stakes.

Popular WHY-finding approaches use questionable assumptions that produce fleeting results.


WHY Is a VERB digs into how purpose really works—and how it can deliver lasting, measurable impact in virtually any workplace.


WHY emerges less as a lifelong mission than an adaptive feeling of impact—an in-born emotional need that has been clouded in modern life and work.


The solution? To embrace WHY as an ongoing search for Self-Impact Fit—matching our skills and passions to others’ changing needs—supported by better feedback loops and managers held accountable for fostering employee engagement.


Only thus can the natural empathy which underpins economic behavior be better operationalized, and business purpose restored to delivering on its promise: increasing well-being, reinvigorating productivity, and driving progress.

About the Authors


STEPHEN BUTLER is a management consultant.


KARISSA PRICE is a Fortune 500 marketing executive.


Since earning social science doctorates and starting careers at The Boston Consulting Group, they’ve created decades of value as executives, entrepreneurs and advisors.

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