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You want higher profitability.

So you need productivity growth.

Which requires engaging leadership.

Companies of all sizes are facing a crisis.  


Productivity growth—the leading predictive indicator of profit and revenue growth— has been falling for seven decades.

The average employee is now on task less than three hours a day.

Higher engagement companies are 23% more profitable than average.

Begging the question: how to boost engagement?

The global expert in the space has identified 12 workplace factors that drive it.

What they have in common?

Stronger leadership.

Any leader can build a team's competitive advantage in six steps.

Many CEOs and founders hate talking about competitive advantage. Some aren't sure what theirs is. Others suspect they don't have one.


Competitive advantage is what makes your business different. (And better, but set that aside for now.)

The challenge? Competitors learn from each other. Over time, secret recipes become, well, less secret.

The good news? Virtually any business can make a new one.

The key lies in grasping six elements of value creation:

Creating value means solving new problems. (1)

Solving problems requires insight. (2)

Insight comes from blending collective knowledge... (3)

 ... with individual empathy. (4)

This is the core function of teams. (5)

Winning teams share a growth mindset. (6)


Pull all this together, and the innovation process itself, as well as its outputs, becomes your source of competitive advantage.

That's easier said than done—which is why we created Framework.

Framework is a boutique consultancy that helps teams improve performance by finding joy in innovation, from landing customers to launching products. 


Our principals bring decades of experience as proven leaders and advisors in strategy, innovation, and execution.

Not because we don't have focus.

On the contrary, because we've figured out what to focus onthe thread that makes them inseparable.


To help leaders and teams
create greater value  

by embracing
the joys of 

collaborative innovation.



Wealth is the reward for solving human problems.


Profit is the reward
for discovering

an aspect of reality
ahead of your peers.


The essence of management
is getting out of the heads of bosses
and into
the heads of labor.

Kōnosuke Matsushita


Empathy is the key to innovation.


The purpose of business teams
is to discover how to turn
knowledge and empathy 



In a growth mindset, people believe that their most basic abilities can be developed. This view creates a love of learning and a resilience that is essential for great accomplishment.


Advisory Services

We help growth stage firms and teams in established companies create value and build sustainable advantage through proven learning techniques and other best practices.

Areas of speciality include:

  1. Strategy (which means prioritization)

  2. Innovation (which means experimenting)

  3. Execution (which means connecting daily work with (1) and (2))

Multi-Disciplinary Implementation

We work with third-party domain experts, from cause marketing to exit finance to human capital management, to deliver holistic, expert implementation.

Thought Leadership

We share emerging insights into business optimization and value creation through blogs, talks and books.


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