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Engage your people


more productively,**

and at lower cost.***

(How? By using better science.)

*     Results in as little as 90 days.

**   Average 20%+ increases in productivity in low engagement workplaces.

*** One third the cost of a comparable advisory solution.

We aren't people consultants.

We just put people first.

Framework helps teams grow productivity by improving engagement. 


​We're an international management consultancy based in Toronto, Calgary and San Francisco.

We don't offer human resources advice in the traditional sense.

Founded by two ex-BCG consultants and an innovation coach with deep executive experience, our practice ranges from strategy to business process improvement.​


What makes us different?

Our work at companies of all sizes has taught us there's no more critical driver of advantage than productivity—which means building engagement through evidence-based leadership.


We've discovered how low team engagement can be turned around in not months—but weeks.

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Stephen Butler, PhD, FEA

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Peter LePiane, ACC, PMI

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Karissa Price, PhD

The problem we all live with: low productivity growth.

Leaders don't need to be told our primary driver of value creation—productivity growth—is at record lows.

If workers can't produce more value per hour, growth stalls. 

Many hope AI will save the day—if it doesn't make things worse. (We're optimists, but not for the usual reasons.)

Our work suggests low productivity is less about technology or policy — neither of which the average business has much say in — than something they can control.


Employee engagement.


How do we increase the productivity of new employees at Salesforce? Are our managers not directly addressing with their teams?”

—Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff,

December 2022

Average On-Task Time Per Office Worker Shift

Source: Vouchercloud


  2 hours

53 minutes

Face it: what we've been doing isn't working.

Screenshot 2024-06-29 at 5.00.00 PM.png

Employee engagement has fallen to 30%an 11-year low.


Years of leadership efforts to persuade employees their work matters, e.g., through CSR initiatives, have barely moved the needle.​

Why? Because we've been doing it wrong.

Experts know what drives engagement.​

What leaders need? A better playbook.

Enter the New Science of Engagement.

We've literally written the book (and Amazon bestseller) on how leaders can make the new science of engagement work for them. ​

The basic idea:

  • Productivity is driven by employee engagement.

  • Engagement is driven by proven leadership practices.

  • Leaders can improve these practices in weeks.


Learn more here.


#1 Amazon bestseller, Business Management & Leadership, April/May 2024. Get it here.​

Why speed is critical.

Data from a CPG Company's Attempt to Boost Engagement

Source: Framework

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Like anyone, once employees have put effort into a survey, they expect action.

The standard advisory solution—digging deeper into the numbers before responding—doesn't just eat time and resources.

It can also backfire, leaving the situation even worse.

The good news? The drivers of engagement are universal. 


Which is why we skip the analysis paralysis in favor of a 45 day sprint, delivering measurable results at a fraction of the typical cost.


What clients (and experts) say.

On our approach:

"Drawing on research and experience, Butler and Price show how an authentic and systematic approach can help WHY deliver for individuals and organizations alike.”

- Ty Breland, Chief Human Resources Officer, Marriott International


"Demystifies employee engagement for productivity-seeking leaders... a practical blueprint, for a force multiplier."

- David Takahashi, President, Highbridge Human Capital


"Combines incisive research insight with deep frontline experience to produce the kind of practical, evidence-based approach leaders have been hungering for—one that goes beyond merely articulating purpose to the real work of implementation.”

- Dan Witters, Research Director, Gallup National Health and Well-Being Index


"Captivates from the start, challenging preconceived notions and buzzwords... delves into the process of operationalizing purpose, offering actionable tactics for success. A must-read."

- Jodie Goulden, Organization Design Expert, OrgDesign Works


See more.

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Now, let us help YOU.

The best way to discover if our approach can work for you is to schedule a free, 30 minute discovery call.

This may be all you need.

Or perhaps one of our workshops or keynotes.

Or a full engagement sprint.

Either way, our team is waiting.​

And so is yours.


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